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Regeneration and Modernization of Hydraulic Units


We carry out regeneration, repair and modernization of power pack, mainly by applying modern pumps of higher pressure, higher efficiency and considerably lower sound pressure (noise) level, which very favourably affects the environment. What is more, we combine hydraulic solutions with automatic control engineering by using frequency converters for controlling hydraulic units.
We carry out regeneration of hydraulic units delivered by a customer, such as:

  • pumps
  • hydraulic motors
  • distributors (controllers)

We also repair and modernize whole units based on force hydraulics, such as:

  • mooring winches, windlasses and combined winches
  • boat davit winches
  • hoisting winches
  • hydraulics for lowering and lifting spans, ramps, gangways, etc.

We also supply spare parts or select substitutes for the old and unobtainable units.

mooring winches pomp SPV mooring winches rotor piston pump distributor

Regeneration and Modernization of Hydraulic Cylinders

regeneration of the lower clamping cylinder

Being a manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders, having both in-depth knowledgne and appropriate equipment, we quickly and effectively carry out regeneration and modernization of hydraulic cylinders. Every regenerated cylinder is pressure tested at a test stand, and obtains our company quality certificate.
All elements of the cylinders are regenerated:

  • cylinder sleeves
  • piston rods
  • eyes of upper and lower clamping
  • stuffing boxes and pistons

We also recommend modernization of stuffing boxes, where we replace the "U" type seal with a pack seal which allows to regulate the pack pressure during its use. We particularly recommend such solutions as they minimize the phonomenon of oil leakages from the cylinders, from the stuffing box side.

regeneration nests regeneration of the cylinder sleeve regeneration of rod honing of the cylinder sleeve modernization regeneration of rod

Flushing Hydraulic Pipelines, Fuel Pipelines and Lubricating Pipelines

unit for flushing pipes

We own a few, specialist, pulsatory units for flushing hydraulic, fuel and lubricating pipelines. Those units are designed in such a way that they are quickly and easily adaptable to the specificity of a particular pipeline. It is unique that for flushing a system there can be used aggressive agents, such as petroleum, which has good dissolving qualities. The units are equipped with pressure heaters, monitoring the temperature of the flushing agent with the accuracy of up to 5°C. The units are automatically controlled and it is possible to change the following parameters during their work:

  • pulsatory work, while the cycle can be regulated, or constant work
  • regulation of efficiency and pressure
  • monitoring of the flushing agent temperature with the accuracy of up to 5°C

Our units are technologically advanced and are equipped with silent, energy-saving power units.

Pulse unit nameplate pulse unit console control pulse unit

Steel Machining

CNC center

We provide services of carbon steel machining and stainless steel machining, in a broad sense:

Our services cover:

  • milling
  • turning
  • boring
  • shaft and pin grinding

Carbon steel and stainless steel burning, with plasma cutter "Agat Speed" (table dim. 2000x3000).

Shot blasting of small and medium-sized elements,in our shot blasting booth. Dimensions of the booth: 2500x3500.

We also offer manufacturing of welded constructions, using MAG, MIG and TIG methods.

machining plasma cutting shot blasting helical aggregates band-saw conventional lathes