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Hydraulic Units

hydraulic for ramp

We manufacture hydraulic units, such as:

  • hydraulics for lowering and lifting spans, ramps, gangways, doors etc.
  • hydraulic cylinders
  • power packs, hydraulic units and control elements
  • hydraulic dynamometers -
    • e.g. for testing pull force - up to 230 tons

Manufactured elements comply with Classification Societies' requirements, including Russian RMRS. They are applied for hatch covers hydraulic drive, for opening and wedging ramps, gangway ladders, watertight doors, lifeboat throwing appliances, and many more.

We also carry out overhauls and modernization of hydraulic cylinders:

  • regeneration of hydraulic cylinders, including regeneration of piston rods through grinding, pitting surfacing, taking off the old chromium and putting a new hard chromium coating, modernization of stuffing boxes for packet sealing.
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Sailing Vessels Equipment and Yachts Equipment

Kralica Mare

We design and manufacture specialized equipment for all types of sailing vessels and big yachts, such as:

  • stainless steel plated anchor winches
  • hydraulic drives for ramp, gangway ladders and watertight doors
  • rescue and life boats davits, water equipment davits and multi-purpose davits -
    • radiant or quadrant davits equipped with one or two, working synchronously, winches
  • stay rollers
  • yard rollers
  • rotational-slidable heads for setting staysails
  • brace winches
  • capstan columns -
    • they can also function as containers, and can be equipped with capstan hydraulic drive, with a switch-key (safe stop).
winda kotwiczna z poszyciem ze stali nierdzewnej napęd hydrauliczny rampy żurawiki łodzi ratowniczych, synchroniczne hydrauliczny napęd zamykania i ryglowania drzwi wodoszczelnych kabestan z agregatem hydraulicznym w kolumnie roller sztagowy

Hatch Covers Closures "QAC"

zamknięcia noskowe

Our long-standing experience in manufacturing Quick Acting Cleats, including the manufacture on the basic of a long-term agreement with McGregor, made us a true expert in that field.

We supply QAC to Shipyard and Shipowners, if required - with Classification Societes certificates, and we also supply spare parts.

We regenerate elements of QAC delivered by a Shipowner and we modernize them:

  • one of the methods of QAC modernization is replacing elements made of carbon steel with the ones made of stainless steel.

We are also a supplier of hatch cover sealings.

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